Golden Pond Retirement Residence offers a truly unique setting for the senior who enjoys living in a family with all support services, assisted living and beyond.

  • Serene Living at its Best
  • Caring for Seniors is a privilege
The residence is operated under the guidelines of the Eden Concept, so you can enjoy the natural setting and elements such as light, sun, water, plants and pets..

What residents have to say:

" I always thought that living in a retirement home is the last thing I wanted to do - so I stayed in my house as long as I could. Today I know better - my only regret is that I did not come sooner to Golden Pond"
Shirley Weimer

"The folks at Golden Pond are really doing a terrific job of providing for all residents. It's not home, but it's the next best thing to it .."
Jack Honey

"My wife and I lived here for 6 years, before Edna passed on. This is a most wonderful place to live if you are older and need someone ot look after all your shortcomings............Golden Pond enables them to live life again, while feeling safe and secure........"
Sterling S.

"I would never have thought that after working here for so many years, I would become a resident myself. But here you go - I just love it. It's just like coming home again. The mission statement of GP is just so true: You are treated here the same way you want to be treated. when you are here."
Sandie St. Pierre

Golden Pond is heaven - I had never thought that this can be as wonderful as it is
Joan V.